The Lakers’ season opener didn’t go very well


The Lakers went through an agonizing, epic fail of a loss in their season opener vs. the Timberwolves. The worst part wasn’t that they lost — the worst part was how they lost.

Everything looked OK from the jump. HELL YEAH LAKERS ARE BACK KOBE IS BACK EVERYONE GET HYPED. Nick Young did this after the first quarter to put LA up, 31-22:

Kobe had 15 points, hitting 6 of 13 shots, at the half.

The Lakers were outscored by 2 points in the third quarter, but they still held the lead going into the fourth quarter. Then…


The Timberwolves chomped up a 16-point deficit to win by 1 POINT, 112-111. The Lakers’ high-scorer in the fourth quarter was Jordan Clarkson, who had five points. The entire LA roster notched either a 0 or below-0 plus/minus except for Julius Randle who tallied a 1.

Afterwards, coach Byron Scott told the media:

Oh wait, that sounds familiar…

(check the year on that Serena Winters tweet)

Sigh. Welp. All I can say is SWAGGY’S STILL SWAGGY.

Times are changing in LA


I’m not talking about the drought. Nor am I talking about that huge earthquake that’s supposedly going to drop half of the Pacific Northwest into the ocean.

I’m talking about the Nick Young — the Lakers’ Mr. Hollywood — and his right arm. Waking up to this news this morning definitely made today feel more Monday-ish than usual.

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This amazing tweet is now irrelevant.

Until the next Swaggy P Watch update, just remember to stay swaggy because, “God blesses all the swag people.”

MLB player hides secret burritos in his car

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I went to Pepperdine and lived in Santa Monica. In order to get to school you have to take PCH, which is the worst highway in America. There is always traffic and there is no way around it. I’d pick up Mexican food before class, and I’d end up eating it in my car most of the time. Usually I’d just rest the burrito in the front armrest compartment thing. Obviously, I’ve been doing it all wrong. This is the greatest thing ever.

Nick Young is David Beckham, according to Nick Young


After hitting the swaggiest game-winner at Drew League, Nick Young spoke to the media. My good friend and LA News Group intern Alex Nieves was there to record the Q&A in which Swaggy P said something sort of ridiculous (which is no longer super surprising but still amazing nonetheless).

Reporter: We got D’Angelo coming into town and he has a little swagger, you think he could challenge you a little bit with that?


Young: He’s just a little young, I’m more of a vet in this game. I’m like David Beckham. It’s hard to get to my sage right now.