5 tips on starting a successful TikTok account

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Since the summer 2019, I’ve been the lead of ESPN’s TikTok account that has grown to more than 10 million followers within one year. I’ve also served as a TikTok consultant for other teams within ESPN.

After receiving a handful of LinkedIn messages asking for advice on how to grow accounts, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned so far about the platform in general.

1. Understand TikTok

What I’ve told everyone who’s new to TikTok is I first recommend spending as much time as you can on the app to get a feel for how people are using it. That way you can see what’s working and not working for other popular accounts, what ways you can make your brand stand out from accounts with the same audience you hope to build, and then go from there.


2. Pick a topic and know your audience

Similarly to most other social media platforms, it helps to choose one topic or theme and stick with that. That way followers know what they’re getting when they follow you. On TikTok, your focus is limitless. I’ve seen cooking, sports, pet raccoons, real estate, stocks, and on and on.

Once you decide what your focus is, find the most successful accounts that are already within that space. Then, as I noted above, you can figure out what content you can create that’ll make you stand out. If there are no other accounts that do what you want to do — even better. Make your own lane.

3. Post at least once a day to start

If you’re someone who’s running accounts on multiple platforms and don’t have time to put all your energy into TikTok, that’s OK. Start with at least one post per day, get a hang of how TikTok works and gradually ramp it up.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are how TikTok organizes content to show users on their For You Pages. When your account is brand new, it can help to toss on a few hashtags to boost your chances of making it to the FYP.

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5. Try out the trending hashtags, music and effects

Trending hashtags be used to land your account on the Discover Page. For new accounts, especially, landing on the Discover Page for participating in a new challenge or trend, will help get more eyes on your account, can raise your follower numbers and raise engagement – depending on the popularity of the trend.

Those trends sometimes involve specific songs and special effects. Taking part while using those songs/effects can also be useful in helping you get the FYP boost.

Good luck and Happy TikToking.

MLB player hides secret burritos in his car

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I went to Pepperdine and lived in Santa Monica. In order to get to school you have to take PCH, which is the worst highway in America. There is always traffic and there is no way around it. I’d pick up Mexican food before class, and I’d end up eating it in my car most of the time. Usually I’d just rest the burrito in the front armrest compartment thing. Obviously, I’ve been doing it all wrong. This is the greatest thing ever.

Social Media Butter: Kendall Marshall


Prior to December 2013, the majority of Los Angeles had no idea who he was. And unless you hang tight with the Lakers or the NBA, you still may not recognize his name.

The Lakers pulled up Kendall Marshall from the D-League this past season after the point guards on their roster began dropping like flies to injuries. Marshall held his own on the staggering squad, finishing with an average of 8 points, 8.8 assists and 2.9 rebounds per game, according to NBA stats.

In the Lakers Kobe-less stretch, Nick Young stole the show on the court, claiming the nickname Swaggy P and becoming notorious for his shot celebrations. However, Marshall was able to build a following with his off the court personality — @KButter5 reigns supreme.

@KButter5Marshall’s follower count on Twitter trumps every Laker on the 2013-14 roster with the only exceptions being All-Stars Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol. His Q&As, fast food cravings and comedic comments have garnered an audience.

As everyone has said since Twitter took off, it provides a platform for athletes and celebrities to connect with fans like never before. Marshall has mastered it. Scroll through his feed and it’s immediately apparent that he leaves up no walls between him and the world.

He’s for real and his social media reach doesn’t even stop at the blue bird. You can also join his 36.6K Vine followers to follow his life in six second bursts, most of which feature him singing or lip-syncing.

Or if you’re more into photos, of course he is on Instagram as @jethrowellington to the tune of an audience of 102K.

Third 2014 draft pick Joel-Hans Embiid has made noise on Twitter lately with his failed attempt to sway LeBron James to choose his team in Philly. And his most recent tweet at Kim Kardashian (he quickly apologized).

Yet Embiid’s wild antics still don’t quite bring him to the threshold of @KButter5’s 212K.

Marshall loves his Chipotle, he loves sharing across social media and we’ll have to wait and see whether or not the Lakers sign him up for another season.*

@jethrowellington: “safety first babygirl.”

Until then, he is worth keeping tabs on. You will be entertained.

@jethrowellington: “just bc one doesn’t tweet about it daily, doesn’t mean the work ain’t happenin. This is my job, what I’m SUPPOSED to do. No need to broadcast it. don’t let this social fool shit fool you from what’s fact. sidenote: spider push ups ain’t no joke. sheesh”

*UPDATE:  Kendall Marshall is no longer a Laker, but rather a Milwaukee Buck. He’ll jostle with Brandon Knight for the starting PG spot. The Bucks have the promising second lottery pick on their squad (Jabari Parker) and the unpredictable Jason Kidd as the new coach. Marshall said the following fittingly via Twitter:

“It’s been a roller coaster these first two years! Learning so much about basketball and business, loving the process. I’d like to thank the entire organization for giving me a chance. from management, coaches, to teammates. and lastly, I’d like to thank chipotle. I’m lookin forward to seein what the chipotles in MIL have to offer.