No One Ever Says Goodbye

Life, Sports

Endings are abrupt. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. They always land with a loud, resounding thud — even if you see it coming.

The Mad Men series finale was shocking. Literally right when it ended I said, “WHAT?!” out loud and my dad, who was reading downstairs, asked me what was wrong. I know that critics guessed what would happen and that the episodes only run for an hour, but I still felt like I was left hanging, mouth agape.

Who knew Don Draper could ever find peace. The man who committed adultery countless times, and who drank and smoked to no end. He did what he wanted when he wanted, and was never satisfied. He was living the life: high-paying job, beautiful wives, adorable children, dashing good looks. Then, at the end, he found closure. That was unexpected.

Deep down I wanted to see him die a triumphant death like Walter White. Instead, he finished his TV life happily smiling crisscross applesauce on lime green grass.

Hours before the end of the Mad Men era, the Clippers had a dismal, crushing end to their postseason run. I didn’t see that coming, either. I thought for sure this was the year they’d break their losing streak. THEY BEAT THE SPURS IN SEVEN. But I guess the Spurs are a bit on the older side… and the Clippers have failed us many times over before.

It’ll be forever sad when the inevitable endings happen. The best shows will come to an end. The best teams (OK, maybe that’s an overstatement) will die.