Observations After 4 Weeks in NYC


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I’m spending my longest stint ever in the Big Apple this summer as an intern for MLB.com — early June to early August. Born and raised as an Angeleno, naturally I’ve always wanted to live in New York. I’ve been fortunate enough to have that hope become a reality. If I have the opportunity to stay past this summer, I gladly will. These are three things I’ve noticed about this grand city so far:

1. The people aren’t as cold as everyone on the West Coast stereotypes them to be.
Sure the New York vibe is different than LA’s vibe. People are generally more dressed up when they go out, and their idea of walking is closer to running. And during one of my first weeks here I had a miscommunication with a nut vendor, and was told to “Fuck off.” But for the most part, everyone’s alright. I’ve had plenty of positive interactions with strangers. New Yorkers, you’re good with me.
2. Humidity will not kill you. 
Everyone told me of the horrors of the “East Coast humidity,” so I mentally prepared myself. Granted, it hasn’t been that hot since I’ve gotten here, but I honestly don’t think it’s that bad. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent countless insanely hot plus-100 degree summers with no AC in West Covina. Maybe I’ll be dying in a few weeks. What I’m trying to say here is don’t let weather woes deter you.
3. Cheap food exists.
Prices are high, as they are in any major city, but cheap eats are also a thing, as they are in any major city. There’s dollar pizza and $1.25 dumplings. I had a friend write this on one of my Facebook statuses:
“And the culture of drinks after work and sunday brunch is fun. If only they paid people 20K more so you don’t have to live in Brooklyn or Queens, and can actually afford to go out and do the artsy stuff, it’d be perfect..”
I say that’s a gross exaggeration, and it’s possible to make the city an affordable place if you really try hard enough. (I might just be saying this as a naive, not-yet-hired recent college grad)
I’m sure I’ll have more to add to this list as the weeks roll on, like whether or not Shake Shack trumps In-N-Out (I doubt it will). Cheers to new places and new spaces and new faces and living life on the edge.

Snapshot: Real Football

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I didn’t mean to post two consecutive “snapshots,” but I found this photo and felt the need to get it up. I took it during a weeklong stay in Israel in the summer of 2012. This shot in particular was in Jerusalem. We spent a day in Bethlehem as well. The presence of football (or soccer) abroad is incredible. Don’t get me wrong, basketball is pretty huge, but football trumps all. Any city you visit, you’re bound to see a goal post at the playground. Whenever a sport is able to bring people together and allow people to exhibit passion, it’s an incomparable thing to witness.

Snapshot: Sports Abroad

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I took this photo in Dec. 2012 when I was in Paris with my family over winter break. It was the time period in which I had just completed my summer and fall terms in London, and I was about to enter my final spring term abroad. While participating in the Pepperdine international programs I was able to play pick-up basketball with local London kids, play pick-up touch rugby in Hyde Park, see a national rugby match, watch an English football match and attend the Nike World Basketball Festival. Experiencing such a variety of sports outside of America made for incredible memories.