My local breakfast burrito spot now serves root beer lattes


TL;DR It’s surprisingly very very good.

Behold, the iced root beer latte.

Phanny’s Burgers in Redondo Beach is the best breakfast burrito spot in my area. Recently, they began serving Stumptown coffee, as well as other interesting concoctions such as the drink above.

This morning I went in to try one. While waiting on my order, I googled root beer lattes, and I discovered that it appears they’re fairly new, yet trendy.

Then, I got my order, took a sip, and it’s actually really good! And I don’t even like root beer!

I would’ve loved to sit there a chat about what inspired them to create this, but it was a busy Saturday morning with far too many people for me to butt in just to ask about my latte. Maybe next time.

It tastes like it also has condensed milk in it, which very nicely, weirdly complements the root beer and coffee. It’s so strange and so good. It tastes like a refreshingly sweet latte with a hint of root beer.

I’m repeating myself. I’m not sure how else to describe it, so I’ll just leave it at this: It’s good. If you’re in the area, go try one. If you’re not in the area, ask your local coffee place to consider trying it out?

I’m now realizing that not every coffee place has root beer soda sitting around, which makes this an even more perfect drink for a place like Phanny’s that serves breakfast burritos, fries, burgers and Stumptown coffee — oh, and it’s only blocks away from the beach.