FTW Snapchat/Instagram Story-related Work

Talked to Snapchat God DJ Khaled for 10 minutes: 

After ALL my Snapchat work for For The Win, I actually got to sit down and talk to the Snapchat god DJ Khaled for 10 minutes. Here’s what that turned into:

End of Year awards: 


2017 SNAPCHATTER OF THE YEAR: Serena Williams

2016 SNAPCHATTER OF THE YEAR: Richard Jefferson 

Snaps of the Week:

From June of 2016 through 2017 I did a Snapchat roundup post. While I’ve seen other outlets do posts like “Tweets of the Week,” I’ve never seen anyone else do a “Snapchats of the Week” post. Here are a few of them (you find all of them by clicking this link):

Snapchatting at Events Strategy:

I went to several Lakers games toward the end of Kobe’s final season. I wasn’t given a specific assignment other than to Snapchat while I was there. After the first game I went to (where the Lakers somehow beat the Warriors), I came up with this idea of a “Snapchat highlights” post.

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