Sharing athlete social media content

Some of the most popular athlete Snaps/IG Stories that I’ve shared on my personal Twitter account (had 1K to 3K followers when these went viral):

Serena playing tennis with fans at a park – 3.6K RTs, 5.8K likes

USA Basketball singing on the plane – 1.5K RTs and 2K likes

Giannis joking around on IG Live – 4.2K RTs and 11K likes

Carmelo and his son talking hoops – 1.5K RTs and 2.1K likes

Boogie at Kanye West concert – 3.3K RTs and 3.3K likes

Boogie and Matt Barnes after game – 699 RTs and 596 likes

Steph dancing with Riley – 418 RTs and 998 likes

Cavs championship Snaps


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