Leading NBA Coverage

My time co-leading ESPN’s NBA coverage on social has included the following:

Preparing content rollout plans for games/events (example below)

  • Games/Events such as: Playoffs, free agency scenarios, HOF announcements, milestones (ie. LeBron passing Kobe for most points), All-Star Weekend, NBA draft

Project management

  • High level of attention to detail and organization
    • Collaborate with senior manager, fellow social specialists and designers
      • Assign tasks, make sure deadlines are met, review finished work and ask for any needed changes
        • Review success/failures, then share what worked and what didn’t with wider team

Managing three to five others to cover live games/events

  • Assign specific roles to each person, monitor content that’s going out across all platforms, create end-of-game content plans

Producing on-site content for social (examples below)

  • Identify and capture viral, exclusive content for ESPN platforms

Examples of Content Plans I’ve Managed:

Miami Heat Advancing to 2020 NBA Finals

I made sure deadlines were met and all content was ready ahead of each potential elimination game (Games 5 and 6). I also laid out where all prepped custom content would be posted after the game across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on SportsCenter, ESPN and NBA on ESPN accounts.

These are the first graphics that went out across SC and ESPN on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook:

Nuggets eliminating Clippers to advance to 2020 Western Conference Finals

Similarly to the Heat advancing, I prepped our content rollout plans ahead of this huge Game 7. For this game, I was also on the feeds adjusting our content as everything unfolded.

One graphic we created and added last-minute was showing how Jamal Murray outscored both Kawhi and PG – that was bumped up in our plan and wound up being one of the highest performing pieces of content.

Examples of Viral On-Site Content I’ve Produced:

Jokic imitating LeBron (from 2020 All-Star Weekend): ESPN IG Reel Link – 781K likes, 7.9M plays

LeBron greeting Jay-Z and his daughter (March 2020): ESPN Twitter Link – 20.8K RTs, 142K likes, 4.8M views; SportsCenter IG Link – 489K likes

Dwight Howard and Quinn Cook hyping LeBron’s chalk toss (Jan. 2020) – ESPN IG Link – 470K likes, 2.8M views

Harden and Westbrook pregame dance (Nov. 2019): ESPN Twitter Link – 1.5K RTs, 12.9K Likes