Impossible to hate Knicks’ No. 4 pick after reading Bleacher Report’s Kristaps Porzingis post


Kristaps Porzingis was rampantly booed by Knicks fans at draft night, but he performed well through Summer League. In general it seemed like people either think Porzingis will be the next epic European star or that he’ll be yet another mistake to add to the Knicks’ list.

Bleacher Report published an amazing post today, mostly in the words of Porzingis himself. It is pure gold. Maybe after reading it you’ll still stand firm in your belief that he’ll be a major flop, but you can’t hate on the man off the court, at least.

Here are some of the highlights:

1) Excited/surprised Adam Silver pronounced his name right at the Draft
2) Dream car is a Benz – “We will see if I get it”
3) Says he’s 8-feet tall – “I’m like, ‘Come on, man.’ They just want to take pictures because I’m tall”
4) Had filet mignon for the first time recently, now is his favorite food because “it’s healthy”
5) Got advice about how to deal with haters from KG
6) Might rap in Latvian at some point
7) Listens to Drake and Meek Mill, likes Damian Lillard’s raps
8) Loves kids

9) Learning social media from Kevin Hart
10) Happy to be a Knick

Let’s give him a chance?

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