My hate to love relationship with EDM


“It gives me a headache.”

That was my first impression of EDM. It just sounded like uncorrelated banging bass beats. I didn’t get it. But it’s so popular — all the festivals, especially. I wanted to understand.


In LA there are tons of concerts constantly going on, so my friend — a self-professed EDM junkie — dragged me to see Carnage last September. Before this, I had never heard of Carnage and I hated EDM. But the openers started mixing in Drake and Kanye, so I bobbed to the beats. When Carnage came on, the crowd went WILD, and I was swept up in the madness — as simple as that.

The experience of having everyone around me so invested in the sound engulfing us had me sold. After that concert, I wanted more. I was down with this.

Next up, we went to see the Chainsmokers. The only thing I knew about them prior to this was that they did the “Selfie Song” (I’ve never listened to that song all the way through, even to this day). That same friend, though, sent me this song:

DONE. IT IS OVER. I LOVE THIS. The concert was dope. Now I’m addicted.

Although, I feel like it’s only acceptable to be into EDM in your 20s and maybe early 30s (correct me if I’m wrong). I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. If anyone knows any cool EDM spots in NYC, let me know.

Also, read this awesome post by Rembert Browne: “EDM is Dead. EDM Will Live Forever; One Man’s Dance Floor Confession.”

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