Postgame Talk: Blame Game


The Washington Wizards led the New York Knicks 102-101. Bradley Beal just nailed a lay-up to take the one-up.  Carmelo Anthony eagerly calls for the inbounds pass with 6.9 seconds on the clock. The Knicks have three — count ’em, three — timeouts in their arsenal. Melo dribbles, dribbles, hesitates, dribbles and chucks up a one-footed three pointer that bricks.

I think Carmelo has, um, something like 10 years of professional basketball experience under his belt. After the game everyone bagged on Coach Mike Woodson for not calling the timeout, and Woodson took ownership. This is what Carmelo had to say to that:

“If he [Head Coach Mike Woodson] says it’s his fault, then I guess it’s his fault.”

I’ll say no more.

Actually, I’ll end with what both Melo and Woodson reiterated: “It happened so fast.”

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