Postgame Talk: Hello Brooklyn, Chargers leap Broncos


Sitting in the doctor’s office, I briefed over tonight’s NBA and NFL match-ups on my iPhone apps to scope out the competition. Initially I had intended on watching the Chargers face the Broncos. Peyton Manning always has a target on his back, and with Denver on such a high pedestal in the rankings, I had a gut feeling the Chargers were set up to create an upset.

I was right. But I didn’t watch the game live. By habit I flipped on the NBA game first. Seeing the joke-of-the-league Brooklyn Nets winning against the “rising” Clippers was enough to capture my attention. Sadly. Sort of. I know the football game ended up playing out exactly as I had expected — I saw the recap.

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I’ll start by running over the Lob City beat down. What the heck happened? Deron Williams returned. That’s all that really needs to be said. The Clippers faltered and sputtered and lost. DWill straight up embarrassed CP3 on a couple occasions, and then Blatche dropped 21. Play after play, KG and Paul Pierce were jumping out of their seats. I’m pretty sure I could literally see 50 pounds of bricks being lifted off Jason Kidd’s shoulders. They finally looked like a real team.

Meanwhile, the Clippers looked more like a disappointment. The new addition, Stephen Jackson, logged 22 minutes, yet he only knocked in three points (one for five on FGs and one of two from the line). CP3 led his team in scoring, yet only dished two assists. It wasn’t nearly enough to hang with the Nets tonight.

Going into the fourth, Brooklyn had a 21-point lead. Twenty. One. Points. And don’t think it was because Paul Pierce and KG blew up. Joe Johnson and Andray Blatche tied to lead the team’s scorers with 21 a piece.

The Nets improved to 8-14 and the Clips fell to 15-9. The West Coast teams haven’t been so hot lately, and this game served as another reminder of that. Maybe the Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett narrative had something to do with the inspired Brooklyn play, but the outcome seemed like it had more to do with the Clippers lagging than anything else.

On the other hand, in the NFL, the West Coast teams battled in a closely fought match. Ultimately, the Chargers stole the show. Peyton suffered his first sack in 124 drop backs, and his team couldn’t convert on the ground. San Diego took full advantage. They leaped the Broncos’ defense (literally), and held the Broncos offense to two touchdowns.

It’s a big hit for the Broncos who were tied with the Seattle Seahawks for first place. Both the NFL and NBA losses just go to show that any team can win on any given night. I liked what Tedy Bruschi said on SportsCenter: “There are no gimme’s left.”

As a side note, if you haven’t seen the interview that Ron Burgundy did with Peyton Magazine for ESPN, you definitely should:

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