Drop it like it’s hot


Los Angeles has always been the house of hoops. There are two NBA teams that call the same gym home. We’ve got it pretty sweet out here on the West Coast.

But it’s tough to remember the last time when, right out the starting gate, both the Lakers and the Clippers were thrilling to witness. Usually one trumps the other.

This year that is certainly not the case. The Clips hosted the Rockets for their 96th consecutive sell-out game tonight, and they put on a show hotter than Las Vegas in the summer.

The Clippers-Rockets matchup finished at 104-87. Oh wait, sorry, that was the score at the end of the third. After the final buzzer rang, the scoreboard read 137-118—the highest scoring home game the Clips have had since they drained 152 against Toronto on March 13, 1998.

More impressively, no single man on the Los Angeles roster dropped more than 26 points. Seven guys scored double-figures, and Chris Paul marked a double-double. The win in five words: honest-to-god team effort.

Blake Griffin tossed in left-handed hook shots, CP3 straight-up broke ankles beyond repair and Jamal Crawford showed off his silky smooth J. Houston, maybe next time bring some umbrellas. It didn’t rain during the day, but tonight in the Staples Center it poured for 40 days and 40 nights (Too far? Okay, I’ll stop.).

I saw tweets before the game ended about how the Clippers would probably lose their lead in the third quarter, or in the fourth quarter. They held on fast and tight. Do not count this team out.

They’ve had early playoff exits and they’ve disappointed the masses of new fans and it’s only barely the first month of the season. However, if tonight’s score—regardless of what NBA team you root for—doesn’t get you excited, then you have no heart for this game.

Lob City is back for now. If anyone’s got season tickets and wants a best friend, tweet at me.

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