Capture it or let it slip


Venice Beach

Forget New York, Miami, Chicago. When you’re talking of the center of the basketball universe, you’re talking Los Angeles. The land of run-and-gun and fun-and-sun is hoops heaven. Beat LA? You’re just jealous.

The Red Bulletin, “Kobe. Clips. UCLA. Dynasty.” by Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

Above is the deck of an article in a November 2013 issue of the Red Bull magazine that I’ve been getting in the mail thanks to a random perk from Klout. After reading it, I felt compelled to offer my input on this great city that I’ve grown up around and almost taken for granted.

But I didn’t want to repeat what has already has been said — and a lot has already been said. The never-ending summertime weather, the laid back attitude, the movie stars, the almost-but-not-quite concrete jungle feel.

Like every other city, La La Land has its high points and downfalls. The somber notes of the tens of thousands of homeless magnificently clash with the multi-billion dollar projects, such as the LA Live addition in Downtown LA.

Living around the heart of the City of Angels can reduce a person to insignificance. LA might not have the bustle of New York City, but it does have the big shot attitudes and opportunity — capture it or let it slip.

Someday I’d like to live long term on the East Coast, or as far as across the pond. 10 months studying abroad in London was a tease. For whatever crazy reason, I believe at least five young adult years spent in a cut-throat, “you can sleep when you die,” party-all -night metropolis would be good for my soul.

Or that could just be me being psychotically insane.

Nevertheless, I do appreciate Los Angeles. Even though I’ve only been alive for two decades, I owe a lot to this place. I respect the storied sports franchises, I love the sheer amount of genuinely good people that I’ve met, I dig the palm tree-sunshine-beach bum vibe.

If I wasn’t raised in So Cal, I wouldn’t be me. Pay respects where they’re due. Appreciate the present. Live in the moment, own it, never let it go.

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