Can You handle the Truth?


I am anti-American… to an extent.

The majority of Americans accept anything fed to them through mainstream media. 9/ll happened so we had no choice but to invade Iraq and start the “War on Terror.” If you stop a random American citizen on the street, they’d probably tell you they support Israel over Palestine (because nearly 80% of people in the US consider themselves Christian, and it’s the holy land of Jesus, right?). The NSA is tapping phones, but they’re only doing their job—how else will we save ourselves from those “Middle Eastern” terrorists? Drones are fair game because they don’t risk American soldiers’ lives. Bradley Manning deserves to be jailed and tortured. He leaked military secrets after swearing an oath of secrecy. It is of the utmost importance for us to know every detail of the court cases involving people such as  George Zimmerman, Ariel Castro and Jodi Arias.

I believed all of that for a long time. I thought news is truth. We live in the United States of America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. We have a Constitution that guarantees us fundamental rights, and checks and balances. Now I call bullshit.

I began seeing the coverage inconsistencies in mainstream news sources in America versus other foreign sources. For example, during the Zimmerman Trial, the Bradley Manning Trial and Egypt riots were totally blatantly ignored. I started doing a little more digging when looking for my news information. I did some other research, which really wasn’t that difficult, and I’ve learned more than I would’ve liked to.


9/11 may or may not have been a blind terrorist attack. You be the judge. 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 attackers were from Saudi Arabia. Why did we declare war on Iraq? Because we “thought” they had weapons of mass destruction, which they didn’t. And also because the US is allies with Saudi Arabia, and Iraq has oil.

We support Israel because of the AIPAC lobbying group (well, that’s the short reason). Israel imported Jews to push out the Palestinian Arabs. THERE IS A WALL AROUND BETHLEHEM. That cute little town you visualize when you read the Bible stories? It’s behind a thick cement wall. Go look it up.  I visited last summer as an educational field trip with Pepperdine University. We had to momentarily switch tour guides when entering Bethlehem because our main guide was a Jewish Israeli (he was non-practicing and a scholar, but an Israeli nonetheless), and he felt safer asking another guide, a Palestinian Christian, to take over for the day.

The NSA is doing creepy 1984-esque spying stuff. It’s an alarming infringement on our 4th Amendment rights. You should honestly be more concerned. It scares me how this is swept under the rug so well and so easily. Bring on Ariel Castro. The news stations loop Castro saying he did nothing wrong, and then neglect to cover the NSA happenings. No one cares what the NSA does as long as it doesn’t affect themselves personally.

It’s the same case for drone strikes. It’s all fun and games until we kill an American citizen—a 16-year-old boy. Plus—think about it for a second—how would you feel if some foreign country (let’s say Russia) flew a remote-controlled plane over a school in Missouri and bombed it? That’s what we’re doing. It’s not a drone strike to them, it’s a “targeted killing.” We never directly contact those we kill with drones, and we give no warning to innocent civilians. Wouldn’t you retaliate? Maybe commit your life to becoming a martyr, a freedom fighter? They see martyrs, we see terrorists. Catch my drift?

Hate is rooted in fear and ignorance. We fear what we do not know. I’m thinking if our news stations stopped reporting about Justin Bieber’s pet monkey and started reporting on the actions of the NSA, better decisions would be made. I’m excited for Al Jazeera America to launch next Tuesday. I’m hoping that it’ll bring some real hard news back to educate the masses. I’m hoping Americans can try to understand why Al Jazeera was the platform for Osama Bin Ladin and look beyond that. And that we can open our minds to what this reputable Pro-Palestinian source has to offer.


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